Do you need a trustworthy professional to help you with maintenance projects around your Denver condo or townhome?

These days we're all busy and trying to get a million things done- at Dynamic we're always ready to help you!   We offer the following services and may be able to help you with many other tasks.  

Dynamic Maintenance Services:

  • General household help, including furniture assembly, simple furniture moves, flat-screen installation, fixture installations.

  • Basic plumbing work and 'fix-it' projects including p-trap maintenance, basic clog cleaning, faucet & fixture installation, etc.

  • Basic electrical work and 'fix-it' projects including dimmer switches, fan/light fixture installation, help with remotes, light-bulbs changes, etc.

  • General tile, cabinet, carpentry work, including doors, drywall, paint, kitchen & bath, 'fix-it' projects including repair and remodel.

  • Shelf/cabinet/wall-installation work, including custom design or installation.

  • In-unit painting, custom drywall.

  • In-unit hardware repair/replacement, custom fittings, and replacements.

  • General building services and common-area services for HOA Boards

  • Dynamic also has long-standing, completely vetted relationships with many of the professionally licensed trades, including plumbers, electricians, and others, so if you need assistance finding a reliable service partner, please don't hesitate to contact us for a referral.

​Our standard daily rate is $58.00 per hour between the hours of 9-5 Monday-Friday.  If you require 'after-hours' service outside of regular hours or on weekends, the same rate applies, but with a 2-hour minimum.  

How can we help you?

Let’s get dynamic.

Call us at 720-464-4212.

24-Hour Emergency: (800) 483-0748

1001 Bannock Street, Ste. 210, Denver, CO 80204