Dynamic is more than a name, it’s a promise.


Dave grew up in the Pacific Northwest and was a Husky at the University of Washington in Seattle.  After 15 years in software sales, he began to become interested in multi-family properties and property management.

As a Colorado transplant and homeowner, Dave understands the needs of home buyers and investors looking at the Front Range real estate market.  Additionally, Dave owns and operates commercial apartments here in Colorado and has more than 15 years’ experience in maximizing investor returns.

Uniquely, Dave Brown is a licensed Denver Commercial Contractor, Colorado licensed broker, past president and treasurer of his HOA and CAM/HOA property manager. His 360° skill set can steer you in the right direction with your real estate investments, commercial construction projects or HOA property management. When asked why he feels it’s important to have all the licenses/certifications he shared, “I wanted to be able to provide vetted solutions and scrutinize bids and vendors with tenacity. I want to be a one-stop-shop contact a client can depend on.”  His dedication to his clients and fine-tuned eye will help you find the perfect home, investment property or property management solution to help you build YOUR future.

How Dynamic was the surprise career she always wanted.


Desirae Kinney-Woods (You can call her Des) was excited for the opportunity with a local start-up company.  She leaped into the new industry and joined Dynamic as the Office Manager. She shares how she just clicked with Dave, “It's important to me to be challenged to learn, put my skills to use, and be a part of a company that is making a difference in the industry, and is a part of the community."

Brought up in the Midwest, she takes pride in her hard work, determination, and reliability. Family taught her to approach life’s challenges with a certain sense of humor, determination, and compassion.

Des rocks proven leadership within Community Associations, assisting properties with hard investment decisions, and specializes in transitioning HOA's to a strong community managed foundation. 

“I love coming to work every day because, trust, honesty, and integrity are at the core of how we work for and with our clients and vendors every day,” shares Des.

Des loves to tackle problems – all kinds of problems. Which makes her a slayer of all things in the Colorado real estate industry. Any vendor or resident with a challenge - just call Des. She's on it.

Excited and ready to hit the ground running


Rachel Clanton has worked with small companies for most of her career and has always had an interest in real estate. New to the DPM team in early 2020 she shared, “I’m excited to join the Dynamic Property Management team. Working side by side with a motivated group of people that cares about the work they do is inspiring to me.”

As a part of the office management team, she will be supporting Des and Dave to assist homeowners and residents. “Dave and Des made me feel welcome immediately. Their ideas to grow the company are energizing. I’m eager to roll up my sleeves and get into the day to day of assisting our clients, vendors and partners.”


When not at the office, she enjoys spending time with friends trying new restaurants, getting out on the water or hiking. To relax she likes to read and exercise.

Smile on his face and solution in hand.


You can catch Bruce whipping in and out of any and all of the Dynamic properties on most days. And even though managing the maintenance and repair projects between more than 5 buildings can be demanding, what he loves most about working with the DPM team is the focus on quality not quantity. 

"It's important to me to play a role in the community by being able to improve any building I work in and

hopefully inspire other buildings\individuals to do the same for their buildings or homes."

Got  a request that involves anything to do with power tools or turning a pile of materials into something awesome? Bruce is your guy. "I love working with my hands and being able to see the progress of my work and the happiness it brings to the customer."


When at his own home, he likes to work on his own house or hangout and watch movies with his wife and kids.

Let’s get dynamic.

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